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Ensure safety and top performance with expert marine, boat and automotive fabrication and welding services

Networked Engineering Solutions Ltd offers top-quality welding and fabrication services for the marine and automotive industries. Our metal fabrication team is equipped to handle a wide range of projects, delivering efficient solutions on time and within budget.

Benefit from our years of training and experience, and superb craftsmanship which we stand behind with our personal guarantee. Whether you require welding or fabrication work on a marina, boat, heavy machinery or vehicle, look no further than Auckland's trusted Networked Engineering Solutions Ltd team.   

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Professional metal welding and fabrication for the automotive and marine industries

  • Fully qualified fabrication team with decades of industry experience
  • Mobile service - we come to you with our fully equipped truck
  • Focussed on safety and delivering efficient solutions 
Based in Silverdale, we work throughout Auckland and travel nationwide for large-scale projects.
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Welding & Fabrication Services 

Our experienced team is equipped to handle various automotive projects, from repairs and modifications to bespoke pieces. Whether you need certified fabrication repairs for commercial trucks, vintage car customisations, or welding services for agricultural machinery, we have you covered.
Automotive services include:
  • LT400 repairs: expert repairs for heavy trucks and trailers, ensuring they are back on the road in optimal condition.
  • Certified repairs: certified maintenance for trucks ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations
  • Custom-made pieces: skilled creation of pieces to meet your specific automotive requirements.
  • WOF and COF Repairs: repair and maintenance services to ensure compliance with Warrant of Fitness standards.
  • Agricultural Machinery Repairs: repairing agricultural machinery, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.
  • Trucks, Caravans, and Trailer Repairs: comprehensive repair services for trucks, caravans, and trailers, including rebuilds and welding.
With our fully-equipped trucks and 24/7 on-call service, we deliver quick and efficient solutions to get your automotive machinery back up and running. You can count on our years of experience and commitment to quality to provide a top-quality service.

Specialised welding and fabrication solutions for marine structures 

Networked Engineering Solutions Ltd are specialists at providing comprehensive welding and fabrication services designed specifically for the marine industry. Our experienced team is skilled in handling a diverse range of marine projects, offering repair, strengthening, and custom fabrication solutions.
  • Structural repairs for marine infrastructure: repairs and strengthening marine structures such as breakwaters, marina walkways, and docks, ensuring stability and durability in challenging marine environments.
  • Floating platform repairs and maintenance: repairs and maintenance of dumb barges, ensuring maximum safety and functionality.
  • Custom stainless steel fabrication: from solar panel holders to accessories for marine vessels, we have the expertise to create bespoke stainless steel components that meet your unique requirements.
  • Dry stand repairs: comprehensive rehabilitation for dry stands, optimising functionality and durability for boat storage and maintenance.
For a stress-free process, we can oversee the entire fabrication project, taking care of everything along the way, including any necessary council sign-off and sub-trade engagement.
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 Services For Boats & Other Marine Vessels

At Networked Engineering Solutions Ltd, we understand boating enthusiasts and commercial vessel operators' unique needs. Our specialised welding and fabrication services cater to the diverse requirements of marine craft and their accessories, ensuring optimal performance and durability.
Our boating welding and fabrication services include:
  • Boat hull repairs and modifications: professional welding and fabrication services to modify and repair aluminium boat hulls, enhancing their performance and seaworthiness.
  • Aluminium boat engine mounts: advanced fabrication services for engine mounts on large aluminium boats for secure engine installations and optimal performance.
  • Custom stainless steel fabrication for boats: create customised stainless steel solutions from accessories to specialised components that meet the specific requirements of your vessel.
  • Trailer builds, repairs and maintenance: expert solutions for boat trailers, ensuring they remain reliable and safe for transportation purposes.
  • Welding external chimes: welding services to help keep boating vessels dry and protected from water by fabricating and installing external chimes designed to deflect water.
  • Boat refits and upgrades: boat refit services including hull and plating repairs, modifications, and enhancements.
Our dedicated team has the skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional welding and fabrication services for your boating needs. We will ensure your vessel is in perfect condition, ready for smooth sailing.
Mobile Welding and Metal Fabrication Specialists
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